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December 17, 2003

A track from the aborted EP we recorded has appeared on "Terrorized 25," a compilation cd which comes with issue 115 of Terrorizer magazine. There's 18 bands total on the cd and each one has a brief description and photo in the pages of the mag. The cd itself is only available in the EU, but if you're interested in getting it you can order the magazine at www.terrorizer.com.

The description for Drugs of Faith mentions Dave Witte, but he doesn't appear on the track as we haven't started rehearsing together as yet. The recording lineup was Rebecca Burchette, Richard Johnson, and Adam Perry.

December 09, 2003

In today's news, Taryn Wilkinson is playing bass. She had previously filled in for one show we had this year.

October 10, 2003

Before getting to the news I'll tell a little bit about the brief history of Drugs of Faith.

Jeff Kane suggested we start a punk band in the summer of 2002. We're good friends and had been in a band together before and so I thought it was a great idea! We jammed a few times with Will Klintberg and wrote two songs.

Will went to college and after Jeff and I did the 2002 demo Jeff moved so I asked Rebecca Burchette and Adam Perry to be in the band. We played some shows and recorded a four song 7" ep. Side A was the demo rerecorded and there were two new songs. Jeff contributed some riffs to the latter two when he was in town. So after a few more shows both Adam and Rebecca left. Reptilian Records was to release the 7" but since there has been such a major lineup change we threw the sessions out as they wouldn't represent the sound of the band anymore.

Which brings us to the latest news.

October 10, 2003

The band has a new lineup now, and will begin rehearsing with Dave Witte who is helping out in order to rerecord the ep in December, this time with all new songs, and Reptilian will release that version instead.

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