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December 13, 2005

We have a few shows booked and we're looking to get some more, as always. The band we are doing a split 7" with (for which we recorded recently) is Pig Destroyer. It's exciting because they're an incredible band and our two groups have been friends since we started, and additionally for me that friendship goes back two bands ago, ha ha. We're very happy that we got asked by Pig Destroyer to do this and we can't wait for it to come out. This is the first recording of ours that features Shane as well.

Another person got executed by the state of California this morning. On average, one every ten days nationally. Especially in Texas and California. The governator believes in an eye for an eye, apparently. Very biblical of him. Or perhaps he doesn't want to be remembered as letting one get away (to life in prison). He is the governator after all: there's a reputation to uphold.

later, Richard

November 25, 2005

Happy bullshit Thanskgiving. Say a prayer for the American Indian Movement. We hit Oblivion Studios on Wednesday and recorded, and they sound great! We're going to go in and record more songs for a CD. This is instead of the 7" ep I've been talking about since last summer. We talked to Reptilian and agreed that it's not such a good idea to put out a 7" anymore. We're going to rerecord some or all of the ep along with new songs.

Oh, and we're doing a weekend with Battletorn in mid February. One of the dates is confirmed and we're working on the rest, and we're chuffed.

Stay out of the sun, Richard

November 13, 2005

Drugs Of Faith is booked for the studio once again. As mentioned in a previous news item we're rerecording the three new songs that we tried to record before but we couldn't salvage. Song titles are "Fuller's Prediction," "Mandate," and "Group Think Pt. 2." Included is our cover for Torture Garden Pictures' Napalm Death tribute, "Success?".

We'll be cruising up to NYC in early February to play with Battletorn, so that'll be awesome.

As also mentioned before, we're selling our fine tshirts directly and through Reptilian Records in Baltimore, MD. They're S, M, L, and XL, and we also have buttons and patches which are free. Please get in touch if you're interested in any of these.

later, Richard

October 10, 2005

Happy Indigenous People's Day. Our first interview is published in issue 2 of The Chains That Grind Us zine! You can get a copy by writing the editor.

Thank you - Richard

September 9, 2005

Taryn is featured in Neo-Zine's Women of Extreme Music feature.

Thanks for reading, Richard

August 29, 2005

piggyShane told Taryn and I at practice that Piggy, Denis D'Amour, the guitarist from Voivod, died from cancer. We're all saddened about it. For Shane and I, "Dimension Hatross" is in our top three or top five favorite albums. Shane drove up to Canada from Washington DC just to see Voivod play their first shows when Snake rejoined the band in 2002.

Voivod's music and innovation are a major influence on us and inspires us to write the best songs and play them in the strongest way that we can.

The death of Piggy is upsetting news for us and the music scene isn't the same anymore without those four guys playing together. So condolences to the past and present members of Voivod.

Thanks for reading, Richard

August 8, 2005

We played a show in jolly old Sterling over the weekend which was a lot of fun. So finally we have some shots of the new lineup playing - check 'em out in the pics section.


July 30, 2005

We've played three shows with Shane and things are going well. We're showing him the songs we wrote with our ex-drummer, Etay, and he's coming up with his own drum parts for them. So when we go into the studio again we'll be doing three new songs and the Napalm Death cover.

later, Richard

July 8, 2005

Anodyne has broken up, which is of interest to us because we were supposed to do a split 7" with them on Kluggeschissen. We still have plans for a split 7" with Battletorn, which will be our first split.

Also in release news, Reptilian Records hopes to put our full 7" into production by sometime in August. They haven't set a release date yet, but at least we can say that it's somewhere in sight!

Thanks for reading, Richard

June 13, 2005

The single is out now! It's called "Questions" and has two songs, so we have something new out until our ep is released. Please get in touch if you'd like to get your hands on one.

Also, our first show with Shane is this weekend and we're trying to save our strength for it. Time to get back in the swing of playing shows again.

For all you myspace.com geeks (like me) we have a page there too. www.myspace.com/drugsoffaith

Thanks for reading, Richard

June 01, 2005

We have two gigs booked and are working on more. Please check the shows section. Also we're working on a small release to tide us over until our ep comes out. More news on that to follow...

April 19, 2005

A bittersweet edition this time. Etay got on the plane last weekend. We said goodbye at a Melt-Banana show. We miss him and wish him success. On top of that our recording session we've been working on for some time was never completed because things got fucked up at the studio we went to (the same one where we recorded our 7" which isn't out yet). Once again we have nothing to show for it.

The good news, however, is that we have a new drummer in Shane. Some may remember him from groups such as The Goons, in which he played drums for a short time, or Deadstars, or his longer running band, Biovore, or Bionicman. He was going to be in the band in an earlier lineup playing guitar but at the time it didn't pan out. But this time it's working splendidly. We started showing him the tunes and when we have at least six down we'll start playing shows again.

OK, until next time ...

April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day. But as Cinderella said, "I'm no fool." (I can't say that with total confidence.) We went to the rehearsal room we're renting for the last day of our contract or lease or whatever and the owner had left a bunch of chairs and boxes and shit in there. We guess he figured even though we hadn't moved out yet, since it was the end of the month we didn't need the space any more. So we moved, nay, dumped half of the shit out in the hallway and had our last practice with Etay. This was for our last show we're playing with him on the 8th.

After we were done we tore up our copy of the contract and left the pieces in one of the boxes in the hallway and packed a full drum set, three cabinets, two heads, a p.a. system and a few odds and ends in a Honda hatchback and a Nissan Sentra. We were pretty amazed at ourselves. So after a group hug, we were out of there.

We have approached a few drummers in the area that it turned out were not able to commit and had a tryout which didn't work (more than one person has suggested a particular drummer who has already said previously he doesn't want to be in more than two grindcore bands at once), so we're still on the lookout for a drummer. Weird since Etay hasn't left yet. He's taking off the day after Melt-Banana plays the area. We can't miss that, can we?


March 12, 2005

We're in the middle of laying down the new songs and the covers in the studio, at the same place where we recorded or 2004 Promo, which you can hear in the Releases section. Hopefully our Reptilian ep will be out in a month's time.

In upsetting news Etay is moving to California in April so we're in the market for a drummer if anyone is interested or has any suggestions. Please drop us a line if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by,

February 02, 2005

Ok, so our 7" ep is more specifically coming out in late February or early March. Also we have shirts now, and buttons. If anyone's interested in these fine items, please drop us a line.

January 08, 2005

Split 7" with Anodyne on Kluggeschissen Records other than Anodyne is writing and hopes to record soon. We're planning on playing a weekend of shows with them in the future in the New York State area.

As for releases in the future, we're working on songs for a split 7" with Battletorn from NYC on Outlaw Recordings. The guitar player and I used to be in a band together. Battletorn is doing an lp and will lay down extra tracks for the split. The cool thing is it'll be on acetate vinyl.

We're contributing a track to a Napalm Death covers lp. Torture Garden Picture Company is getting the entire Scum album covered. We've reserved "Success?" We're having fun going over that in the rehearsal room! EricT's also doing a 7" of songs from extreme bands and each track should be one or two minutes in length, so of course we have to submit one for that too.

OK, take care,

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