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December 5, 2006

We've finished the recordings for the Antigama split, so now we'll get it mastered and send off the tracks to Selfmadegod. We tried a couple of new things this time around, so hopefully it'll go over well! Also, Selfmadegod asked us to deliver a full-length album to them and we have, of course, agreed. We have a lot of songs to write. We're almost out of shirts so we're going to order some more in. We are looking forward to all of these items on the horizon.

Thank you for listening. Richard

August 31, 2006

This time I have good news to report, which is that Fast And Furious Records from the Netherlands is going to release our mini album on 12", which will have two bonus tracks that those who have been reading these news items here will remember. The songs from the delayed Pig Destroyer split, that were then to go on the Antigama split CD, are going on here to beef up the 12" release. So we're going to write four new songs for the Antigama split now, the job of which we're almost half finished.

Some great new pictures are up in the Pics section as well, and we've been doing some interviews for online zines and mags, and we have one coming out in Metal Maniacs which we're happy about also.

On a sombre note, Jesse Pintado of Terrorizer, formerly Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria, Nausea, and so on, died after falling into a coma recently. I heard about this the other night via a phone call from Shane. This is sad news and I feel for his bandmates old and new, not to mention Jesse's familia.

Lots of grindcore bands can and will say this, but it bears repeating that Jesse Pintado's playing style and riffs were an essential influence on myself and many of the other guys with whom I played, not to mention Shane. We wouldn't play the way we do if we'd never heard Jesse grind.

Like many people I've met and talked to Jesse more than once, but one meeting in particular stands out. This was at a Napalm gig on the tour in the States after he had his hair cut off for an operation (if I have my facts right - resulting from a car accident?), and I told him I liked his hairstyle. He said that, hey, you can still grind with short hair, right? I remember thinking at the time how much of a "dude" he was, if you know what I mean. I could have heard the same kind of comment from someone in my circle of friends.

Jesse was a fucking classic.

- Richard

July 13, 2006

A couple of songs from our new CD are up, so check 'em out. You can get the record from us or from Selfmadegod.

The Pig Destroyer split series has been put on hold till 2007, so we're going to work towards recording and getting the ball rolling on the Antigama split CD before the end of the year. We're almost done writing the music for the first song, and we're really liking it so far.


July 7, 2006

OK, Selfmadegod is releasing our mini album on July 1. We've turned in the finished product, artwork and music, and so we're just bouncing off the walls waiting for it to arrive in the mail, basically. We're hoping that a show we have on our calendar for August 5 in DC will be our record release, but that's not set in stone yet.

Our next show is the same night as Sonic Youth and there's at least one other show in the same town that night too, so hopefully we'll have a good turnout.

We started our first song that'll be on the split with Antigama and it sounds good so far. This is the first song we're writing together that doesn't have any riffs or arrangements or whatever left over from our old lineups. It's about time, since Taryn, Shane and I have been playing together since last summer.

later, Richard

May 2, 2006

Happy post May Day. After three full days in the studio for our eight song mini album we realized the guitars aren't coherent enough, so we're going back for two more, and should be finished (except for mastering) the day before we play with our friends from Pig Destroyer, and our friends in Haram, and our friends in The Wildcats.

Drugs Of Faith played in NYC again over the weekend and when we were travelling to get something to eat the day after the show we saw the protest procession going by. It was a great thing to witness. BUCK FUSH.

April 3, 2006

In the time since our last update we've been playing one off gigs and working out songs to do another recording, and that process is at last complete. So we're drilling songs to go in the studio later this month to record a mini album! Most of the songs from the EP for which we kept recording are on there, plus a new one, and all of our previously released songs, some of which sound different now. That's going to be interesting and we're totally excited!

Also, we're after that going to do a split 3" CD with Antigama from Poland on Selfmadegod Records. Their last album, Zeroland, was a very forward thinking grindcore record.

On a more sombre note, tomorrow's the anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King. We've come a long way since the civil rights movement of the 60s, or have we?

January 19, 2006

Happy new year! Nothing is happening exactly with the band except to say that we have some shows coming up. We supported Misery Index last week and that was a blast. We turned in our tracks for the Pig Destroyer split, and now we can concentrate on rehearsing and reworking old songs for our CD as well as new ones, or at least ones that were never released that we're reworking. Good stuff.

later, Richard

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