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December 31, 2008

Happy new year's eve. In the releases department, the split we've been talking about didn't work out according to plan, so we've released our side as a demo to keep the DOF ball rolling until we write enough material for a full-length record on Selfmadegod. Crafting new songs is going well. You can get your hands on the three-song 2008 Demo from us if you're interested. Till next time...

Cheers, Richard

November 25, 2008

Some cool news this time around in this post-race world: we're playing Maryland Death Fest 2009, at this thing referred to as the grind/powerviolence/crust showcase. So that sounds like good, wholesome fun. Also we're supporting our friends Dysrhythmia and Tombs in DC in February. Details for both in the shows section. There's a few pics of us in the studio for our split with A Warm Gun up in the pics section as well, and a preview track (unmastered) for that split is up in the releases section.

Cheers, Richard

July 10, 2008

Some good news: we have a final mix on the split, and as of this writing A Warm Gun has completed writing for their side and are preparing to record. Also, we have a new drummer in the form of Edward Spode. He's down with the grind 'n' roll (not to mention UFC), and things are moving along quite nicely. We have a show booked for August and more are on the way, possibly sooner than later. Stay tuned for site updates in the form of a preview track off the new split as well as pics from the recording.

- Richard

March 11, 2008

We recorded for the split with A Warm Gun, which was accomplished at Catastrophic Sound in Baltimore, and are waiting for the mixing to be done. A Warm Gun is working on their material for the split. Also, things didn't pan out with the drummer we were jamming with, so we're on the lookout for a new one.

Jake from Triac/Jesus of Nazareth is filling in for one or two shows that we committed to, which are happening in May, so we're looking forward to playing the new songs live. And the Napalm Cover is getting dusted off again.

- Richard

February 20, 2008

...and we're back. We have a new drummer by the name of Emre Tufekcioglu. He's learning the songs and we're going to start writing a full-length with him when he gets up to grind speed. In our first email conversation he brought up Coroner and Voivod, so we knew we had our man.

We're still hitting the studio in April with our fill-in, Jake, as we've already two songs prepared, but after the studio he's off the hook. Thanks, Jake!

- Richard

February 1, 2008

Happy new year to you and yours. We haven't had an update in a while, so it's about time. And there's actually something to talk about. We parted ways with our drummer and we're once again looking around for a replacement.

In the meantime, a former bandmate of mine (we were in two bands together, actually), Jake from Triac, is filling in for the studio so we can record for the A Warm Gun split 7". Taryn and I wrote three songs and we have to arrange lyrics on two of them. One of the tunes is a throwback to the Adam/Rebecca lineup and carried through to the Etay lineup, but with changes. We'll go into a different studio this time too, so that'll be interesting. All parties involved are very excited about going into the studio together.

cheers - Richard

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