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Flexi appearing in new commercial

December 24, 2014:
Decibel Magazine put together a commercial to promote their "deluxe edition collector's box," and our flexi is featured!

Live shows

November 12, 2014:
We've had a dry spell on playing gigs lately, but we've got two booked now and we've been writing some more riffs. It's good to be more active again!

Live tape

August 17, 2014: Release news update #2:
Our live tape on Contaminated Tones is out now! We got our copies in the mail and are happy. Ordering info is here.

Godflesh tribute preorders

July 14, 2014: Release news update:
Fobofile Productions says at their Facebook page that pre-orders are open for the Godflesh tribute record.

On top of that, Contaminated Tones is releasing a live Drugs of Faith cassette tape, recorded back in 2002 in NYC while we were doing a weekend trip. Ordering info is here, and the tape will be out at the end of July.

Godflesh tribute appearance

May 16, 2014:
Fobofile Productions is putting out a tribute to Godflesh and we have recorded a track for it! Fobofile Facebook page.

Facebook page update

>March 31, 2014:
So we're concentrating more on updating our Facebook page since it's quicker. We added a boatload of photos to it too. Please have a look!

Decibel Magazine flexi

February 21, 2014:
Our flexi with the Sacrifice cover is coming out with Decibel Magazine's April issue, #114. But you don't have to wait to hear it, as it's streaming now at MetalSucks with a nice write up from managing editor Andrew Bonazelli.

Decibel previously reported that the issue will contain both a Drugs of Faith and a Noisem flexi, but that's not happening anymore. Noisem will appear in the following issue.

Decibel Magazine flexi news

February 3, 2014:
When we recorded Architectural Failures, we did a cover of "Re-Animation" by Sacrifice too. Jason from Misery Index did additional vocals on it. Well, that's coming out as a flexi from Decibel Magazine.

Here's the news from Decibel: Subscribe to Decibel by 9am EST on Tues February 4 and your sub starts with the issue containing TWO free flexis - one from Drugs of Faith and one from Noisem:

Decibel subscription

Update on band stuff

January 21, 2014: Happy new year!
Keeping busy over here. We played a couple of great shows with our friends Suppression, and now we're settling down to writing for our next full-length. Taryn and I have a handful of riffs to sort through, and there's a few drumbeats and riffs threaded together from the last time we were writing with Ed in 2013. So we've got a starting point!

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