This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2: Lyrics

An Ode to Those Unwed
(music: Drugs of Faith and Rebecca Burchette, Etay Levy, Adam Perry, Dave Witte; lyrics: Martin Ives)

Doll's head
Caution: Moving Parts!
Strewn limbs for a broken toddler's heart

Summers of distraction lead to winters of discontent

Loss of Credibility
(music: Drugs of Faith; lyrics: Richard Johnson and Taryn Wilkinson)

Creating a mirage, a fog of illusion
of competency, hope, morality
Building blocks of this new reality
Foundation of our new society

The more spoken, the less expressed
Distracting from their meaning
The more words I hear, fewer I understand

Left to read between the lines

Distorted intentions
Clutter of speeches
My value, my worth
My being, my own truth

Why is it we digress and comprehend less?
What is this dance we all engage?
The rules pertain to what we can't say