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November 20, 2007

Hello and happy bullshit thanksgiving. We've been back from Europe for a while and even though we got fucked by the airline, we're in one piece and are dusting ourselves off. It was quite an experience. Anyway, we're writing riffs and lyrics so we can dig into new songs. We have a full-length to record!

Here's where we played across the Atlantic.

October 12 - Gerberstraße 3, Weimar, Germany
October 13 - Dynamo (Bloodshed Fest 8), Eindhoven, Netherlands
October 14 - Iduna, Drachten, Netherlands
October 15 - Juz, Mannehim, Germany
October 16 - New York City Club, Yverdon, Switzerland
October 17 - F.O.A. Boccaccio, Milan, Italy
October 18 - Disco Take Five, Bad Mitterndorf, Austria
October 19 - Ponorka (Grinding Mill vol. 6), Pardubice, Czech Republic
October 20 - CRK, Wroclaw, Poland

There's some photos from the tour in the Pics section. Enjoy!

- Richard

September 27, 2007

Selfmadegod and Fast & Furious have released the tour poster for our European trip. Check it out here. All the details for the gigs are in the shows section. We hope to see you on tour!


July 29, 2007

Just a site update this time. We've added more shows to our tour of Europe which are in the Shows section, there's more photos up, and there's an mp3 from our split with Antigama in the Releases section.

Also, here's a photo American Dave supplied us with. In it, we're at Oblivion listening to a take while recording our side of the split with Antigama.

Thanks, Richard

July 12, 2007

We just did a weekend in Virginia with a NY band called ASRA which was a lot of fun. The show in Richmond was the highlight of the three. The crowd was going nuts and we fed off the energy.

The latest news is we're going to do a split, possibly a 7" with A Warm Gun, a local band that has some records out and has done some touring. Neither band has recorded for it yet. Check them out here

May 15, 2007

Our long-awaited split 3" with our friends from Antigama is out now. Please hop over to the releases section and check out some info. There's three songs from us and three from Antigama. Their new album is coming out on Relapse, and I'm happy for them. Not only that, but the LP version of our mini album is out on Fast & Furious too. That's the release with the two bonus tracks I've been talking about. We're very happy that both of these records are out!

- Richard

February 28, 2007

Here's a picture of us with two guys from Rudra and one of the freaks from our friends The Communion from New York, right after we played our set with those guys that I talked about in the last news update (click on thumbnail to enlarge).

Anyway, the artwork has been finaled for our split with Antigama and it looks amazing. The mastering job is interesting too, because there's a huge difference in sound between the two bands when you go back and forth with the tracks. We're very excited about it coming out, as Antigama is a killer band.

We've got good news to report on the tour front, as we're hitting the road in Europe in October! We'll be playing with Blood I Bleed from the Netherlands, and they better treat us nice or there's gonna be trouble!

Other than that we've just scratched the surface of writing for a full-length. It's the first step of a thousand mile walk. We're shooting for it being twice as long as our mini-album. Shane doubled the size of his drum set, so he's gonna have a lot more to work with as he comes up with drum ideas for the new songs.

I thought I'd also mention that there's a brief and early history of the band back in the 2003 archive of the news in case anybody's interested. You can find it here.

Until next time,

January 23, 2007

It's a little late, but happy new year. We just played in New York City over the weekend at this club with two rooms. In the upstairs, Lightning Bolt played a sold out show. Downstairs, we played with some locals, out of towners, and Rudra from Singapore. Holy shit--they were really good. They sounded very professional and the singer was well spoken. Good news is that the LP is at the pressing plant, so we're just waiting for it to come out. Finally, we started booking our first long weekend of shows. We've tried to go out for a weekend several times but it never worked out for us, but this time it's going to happen. We're hitting the road with our friends You Will Die and Human Incineration. As the shows get confirmed we'll put it up in the shows section.

- Richard

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